Nantucket Island

Buzz Off is a full service pest control company located on Nantucket. We are fully insured, licensed and on island. We have been at it for more than a decade. Our team is very familiar with the island. We love it as much as you do and try our best to be family and environmentally conscience. We never use restricted use products, we always try to protect bees and nobody likes pets more than us.


We Perform Free Estimates

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Mosquitoes are more than an annoyance. Besides potentially ruining your backyard fun some mosquitoes carry disease. Contact us for a free inspection.


Ticks are a major problem on Nantucket. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases including Lyme's Disease. Ticks like people and pets alike. Ask us how to protect your family.

Rodent control

Rodents multiple quickly and are constantly on the move looking for warmer homes and a food source. Summer residence closed for the winter make perfect homes. Call us for a free inspection before you see a rodent in the kitchen.

Insect Control

Insect control is an on going maintenance issue on Nantucket. We recommend foundation treatments 2-3 times per year to keep all kinds of insects at bay. Ants, pill bugs, earwigs and a whole host of other insects can be a nuisance, let us deal with them so you don't have too.

Other Services

We are a full service pest control company. We have handled everything from fleas to bees. Here is a more complete list of additional service. Fleas, wasps, hornets, snakes, birds, squirrels, bed bugs and more. If you have a pest problem give us a call.

Pricing & Plans

We typically do all the work up front and invoice you after the work is complete. For less invoicing you can opt for annual or seasonal billing for regular services. We give free estimates and are happy to make recommendations. We don't make you sign a contract, we want to win your service every time we come out.