Protect your family and pets from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are generally a nuisance on Nantucket but who wants to endure bites and whelps all summer. Call today for a free inspection.

1. Introduction and Inspection.

Meet the homeowner and walk the property. Visually inspect the area and discuss expectations and timing.

2. Pre-season Treatments.

For the most part mosquitoes start laying eggs and breeding in May. For that reason we recommend pre-season treatments start in May. We use a combination of liquid and a pellets larvacide depending on the location. The idea is to kill off as many larvae as possible before they become breeding, flying, biting pests.

3. Regular Maintenance.

We use a water soluble pet and child safe product. It has a lower toxicity than some of our completion but in our opinion is better for the environment. Unfortunately because it is lower in toxicity we have to apply it more often. During the inspection we will recommend a treatment schedule.

4. Monitoring.

We monitor progress on properties. We know if it gets warm after a rain mosquitoes get more active. Don't be surprised if you see us on site doing a "touch up treatment" after a big rain. We often do them for free for our regular customers.

Did you know, mosquitoes can breed in bird baths, old tires and even gutters?

Getting rid of mosquito harborage and replacing water in bird baths can go a long way to reducing the mosquito count.